Herbal Khadi Peeling scrub aloevera

Categories :  Best Selling Products
Product Code : HK000049
Volume:  210ML

Description : An ayurvedic almond based face scrub, which imparts natural nourishment effect to the skin. Removes black head and scars from the skin.

Direction:Rub the scrub on face, elbow and neck gently with finger tips in the circular motion for 5-6 min and clean with moist cotton. Don't rub on acne and pimples.

Ingredients: (In each kilogram contains) curcuma longa 1g, ocimum sanctum 1g, symploces racemosa 1g, azadiratcha indica 5g, citraus reticulates blanco 2g, reservative 5g, sugandhit dravya 1g, juglans regia 1g, oryza sativa 20g, base to make 1kg