About Us

Herbal Khadi is one of the most trusted and reputed Indian brands to manufacture the finest quality Herbal Products that are made with natural ingredients, sourced sustainably, simply crafted, and truly personalized. Herbal Khadi product's creations are rooted in nature with plant-derived raw material.

We are engaged in complete end-to-end services from manufacturing, packaging, to finished products especially designed and manufactured in house with marketing services as well. We ensure eco-friendly manufacturing operations at our store. With over years of experience in dealing with Herbal products, our expert professional works with a huge range of clients which requires attention to detail plus a comprehensive focus on natural products.

With us, you can be sure our Herbal Products only include the best of natural ingredients. Our Herbal Khadi products are free from harmful chemicals. Our aim is to help secure a sustainable tomorrow for every customer by bringing natural innovation into beauty worldwide.